A Few Tips for Making Handmade Watercolor Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for a way to create wedding invitations that are both beautiful and meaningful, you might consider watercolor wedding invitations. You can certainly buy this type of invitation, but making a set of them yourself can be a rewarding experience. Additionally, handcrafted invitations are apt to make an impression that your guests will remember.

You might create watercolor wedding invitations in a few different ways. You can download them from a template, which is a quick and easy way to produce the effect you desire. However, you may want to make them entirely by hand; if you choose to do this, you can do so in a variety of ways. Exploring a few ideas on the topic may help you to determine which method best meets your circumstances.


Custom Designed

One of the top reasons that many people prefer watercolor invitations is that they have a certain look that is romantic, pretty and unique. In many cases, such items resemble works of art, which is an appealing characteristic to associate with an event as special as a wedding. You can even have your watercolor wedding invitations custom designed by a particular vendor, so they reflect your unique style.


Using a Template

Another option is to download a template from the Internet and simply print your invitations from home. This is a great choice for couples who want to create lovely invitations but are on a tight budget. The beauty of doing this is that your invitations will look as though you painted them yourself, but you won’t need to make much of a time investment in them.


DIY Invitations

You may decide that you’d like to design your watercolor wedding invitations without a template. This can be a fun project, and it can also make you feel as though you are truly contributing to the planning process for your event. To do this kind of project, you’ll need to gather a few materials and follow a few steps to create the invitations of your dreams.


Quick Tutorial

The following is a quick tutorial for creating a basic watercolor invitation. You can elaborate on the basic steps as much as you wish, of course. Have some fun with the project! You’ll need watercolor paints, water, small dishes to hold the various colors, a few paintbrushes, and watercolor paper.

Start by creating the lettering for your invitations. You might even want to utilize calligraphy to form the lettering. If you haven’t learned calligraphy but really want to use it for your invitations, then you can use a template to achieve the same effect. Be sure to leave plenty of room for the watercolor designs you’ll add later. You may cut the paper to the size that you desire either before or after you create the words. Once you’re done with the text, you can print off as many invitations as you require (don’t forget to perform this step with watercolor paper).

Pour a small amount of paint in each dish, and add water as needed. You may need to mix colors if you can’t find the exact hues you want. Always use a test sheet of watercolor paper to be sure each color is suitable.

Once you have the colors you need, you may either paint freehand or use a stencil template for your design. Since you’re hosting your event in Hawai’i, you might consider a native flower design to match the setting. One option is to use a stencil template of the hibiscus flower, which is the official state flower of Hawai’i. You might also search online for a stencil template for the ‘Ilima flower, which is the official flower of the island of Oahu. If you can’t find a template you like, simply download an image of a flower you do like, trace around it, and cut out the design to create your own stencil.

Once you’ve painted your design, your invitations will be ready. Remember to give each one plenty of time to dry before you send it. Whether you have your watercolor invitations custom designed, create them from a template, or make them entirely in the freehand style, your guests will likely be impressed and delighted by your effort!