Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Tips

You’ve chosen the perfect wedding dress, and now you have to give some thought on how to dress your bridesmaids. Deciding on gowns for your bridesmaids can be somewhat overwhelming because your bridesmaids have different looks, personalities, and tastes. Here are some bridesmaid dress shopping tips to make the process easier and more enjoyable.


Set a Budget

Whatever your budget for bridesmaid dresses, it’s possible to find appealing options ranging from gowns off the rack all the way to custom designs at high-end salons. One thing to bear in mind is to factor in costs for alterations.


Do Some Research

A wide range of bridesmaid dresses can be viewed online making it easier to settle on the style you want before you begin making appointments at salons. Bear in mind that you want a style that matches the vibe of your wedding gown. A current trend is to have bridesmaid dresses in slightly different styles, colors, and fabrics. Mixing up the gowns in this way makes the overall bridal party effect more interesting, is a way to highlight each woman’s individuality and give her a dress that she will love wearing. Many brands offer similar dresses with different necklines, for example. Here is an interesting article from Brides magazine that gives some style rules for mixing up your bridesmaid dresses while still maintaining a coherent overall look.


Make the Right Color Choice

All colors don’t suit all skin tones or hair colors, so you want a color to flatter each bridesmaid. To solve this problem, you can opt to work with a two-color palette (think sky blue and a darker blue).


Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Give yourself plenty of time, seven to eight months before the wedding day. You want to shop in a relaxed manner and allow plenty of time for fittings, alterations, and delivery. Keep in mind that many designers have their dresses cut overseas which makes it difficult for a boutique to expedite your order.


Your Bridesmaids Need to be Professionally Measured

If your bridesmaid dresses are being made to order, you may think that you will receive custom gowns. However, bridesmaids are measured and then fitted into the closest preexisting size. Also, because each designer has a different method of sizing, correct measurements are necessary. Even if a boutique uses their sales staff to measure bridesmaids, these individuals are not seamstresses, so an appointment with a professional seamstress is recommended.


Make Multiple Trips to Your Boutique

Don’t arrive at your salon for your first appointment with your entire bridal party in tow. Rather take your mother and your maid of honor and maybe one bridesmaid and have this small group narrow down your initial choices. Once you’ve picked out a few favorites, then you can introduce them to the entire bridal party.


You Might Need Extra Length Dresses

If you have tall bridesmaids, their dresses might need to be made longer. Also, if they will be wearing high heels, bring the shoes along when you place your order.


Finally, Remember, It’s Your Day!

It’s probably not possible to make everyone equally happy, so don’t stress out by trying too hard to accomplish this. Your bridesmaids are there to contribute to making your big day as wonderful as possible so they should be encouraged to work with your vision.

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