Event Planner vs Wedding Planner: What’s the Difference?

If you’re planning an event, you’ll want to be sure that all of the details are arranged as efficiently as possible. Many hosts find that hiring a professional is critical to assist with the organizing and planning. When you want to feel confident that every last detail will be handled properly, a professional can handle the heavy lifting and enable you to enjoy the event along with your guests.

The type of event that you’re planning will have a direct effect on your hiring decision. Event planners come in a wide range of types, from wedding planners to corporate event planners. While wedding planners do fall under the category of event planners, they are different from the rest in that they typically only coordinate weddings. Other event planners might oversee a variety of other events.


What Event Planners Do

An event planner might be in charge of various aspects of planning professional meetings and other work events, such as conventions and executive retreats. Event planners can be hired to manage details like transportation options and venue choices. This individual may also be hired to deal with details related to catering and other issues pertaining to refreshments (such as whether a bar will be needed). An event planner might be involved with the selection of speakers who would be relevant at a particular meeting or event. If entertainment is appropriate, this kind of planner might be consulted regarding the choices available.

Event planners may also be hired to coordinate certain charity functions, such as a fundraiser for an animal shelter. If a non-profit organization is going to hold a charity auction, an event planner could be used to arrange the details. This type of professional might also be utilized to organize a dinner for returning soldiers, or a luncheon to raise money for a serious health issue.

Event planners may also be used to make the arrangements for personal events – such as a birthday party, retirement dinner, or surprise anniversary party. If many people are expected to be in attendance, an event planner would be helpful. In many cases, a host might simply be uninterested in dealing with the aspects of planning a personal event – and this would be an ideal reason to employ a professional to deal with the food, entertainment, decorations, and guest list.


What Wedding Planners Do

A wedding planner is only concerned with planning a specific kind of event: Weddings. Once you know when you wish to have your wedding, you might want to contact a wedding planner for assistance. Numerous details are associated with proper wedding preparation, so getting started early is always advisable.

The aspects of the event that a wedding planner may help with include: creating a budget for the wedding, choosing the perfect venue, and organizing details with various vendors. A wedding planner might help in selecting a caterer, a florist, and a photographer. You could consult your wedding planner for help in organizing the details related to the invitations, including managing the RSVPs. The theme of your wedding should always be taken into consideration by your wedding planner; if the wedding will be on the gorgeous island of Oahu, then you might instruct the wedding planner to incorporate a tropical theme with all of the details.

Once you have an event in mind, you should be able to find an event planner who meets your needs. If you’re planning to host a corporate dinner, a charity luncheon, or even a retirement party, you might use an event planner. If you’re going to have or host a wedding, then a wedding planner would be the ideal person to hire for the job.