How to Choose The Right Bridal Accessories

Selecting the right bridal accessories is as important as every other detail associated with your wedding. If you’re going to spend time carefully choosing a dress, then you’ll want to be sure that the accessories you choose complement that dress well. You’ll also need to ensure that the accessories match the theme of your wedding – and most importantly, your bridal accessories should enhance your beauty and make you feel both comfortable and gorgeous! The following are a few tips to make the process of choosing your bridal accessories go as smoothly as possible.

Selecting a Veil
Aside from their gown, many brides consider the veil to be the most important aspect of their wedding attire. The veil may be the first detail people notice when they watch you walk down the aisle. The length of your veil should correspond with the length of your dress. If you’re wearing a full length gown with a train, you will likely want a long veil to match. However, a skirt that falls just below your knees may look better when complemented by a shorter veil. Be sure the color and fabric of your veil are similar in tone to the dress itself.

Other Hair Accessories
You don’t have to wear a veil if you don’t want to – there are plenty of other options worth considering. You might prefer to wear a hair fascinator; this type of accessory can appear just as formal as a veil, but it may give your ensemble a more unique look. A floral crown is another option – you may wish to wear a crown made entirely of the pua ‘ilima flower, which is the official flower of Oahu. Ornamented headbands and hair pins are other popular choices for modern brides, whether they wear trendy or traditional gowns. You might want to wear a tiara or bejeweled combs – just make sure to coordinate your hair accessory with your dress.

A Cover-Up
You may also want to wear a cover-up to keep your arms and shoulders protected from cool breezes or air conditioning. You might simply feel that a cover-up is appropriate if your wedding dress bares much skin. A capelet or bolero could provide the perfect solution, and these items come in a broad array of colors, materials, and styles. If your gown has an ornate design (such as one with numerous beads) you might want to wear a cover-up that is relatively simple.

Choosing Jewelry
Try to avoid over-accessorizing with jewelry if possible. The “less is more” concept is a viable one to adopt when you are planning the look for your wedding attire. A simple necklace or bracelet may be all that you need to wear along with your dress and hair accessories. If you have a family heirloom in mind, just be sure that it makes sense with the dress you’ve chosen (or select a dress that will go well with the heirloom jewelry).

Your wedding day should be one of the most special events of your life, and a wedding at Ko’olau Ballrooms is sure to be just that. The way that you dress on this day will reflect that fact. Your accessories should help to make your wedding ensemble the lovely creation that you have envisioned for this occasion.