Money-Saving Tips to Make Your Honeymoon Affordable

You and your fiancé have planned the perfect wedding and, naturally, you would both like to also enjoy the perfect honeymoon. But, having spent so much on the “big day,” how can you afford the honeymoon you have dreamed about? A 2010 study revealed that an eight-day honeymoon cost an average of $4,466, and this figure has most likely gone up since then. So here are some tips to make your honeymoon more affordable.


Make Use of a Honeymoon Registry

A honeymoon registry is a good way to boost your honeymoon budget without directly asking people for money. A honeymoon registry provides a chance for friends and family to personalize gift selections to a couple’s preferences, and they will enjoy helping to give you a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Examples of gifts could be a room upgrade, dinner at a great restaurant, cocktails or wine with dinner, or a day of sailing or scuba diving. Research your honeymoon location and select those activities you would most like to experience and turn them into gifts. Most major hotel chains offer their own in-house honeymoon registries.

To promote your registry, a suggestion would be to let everyone know that honeymoon-focused gifts are preferred at the bridal shower.


Use a Travel Agent

Working with a travel agent generally produces a less expensive trip than booking flights, hotels, etc. on your own. A travel agent will also have knowledge of all-inclusive resort options in your desired location and the best available deals.


Be flexible

Last-minute travel deals can be a way to save money on a honeymoon, as long as you’re not “wedded” to one particular location or time of year. During so-called “shoulder seasons,” which are right on the edge of the high and low seasons, prices can be more appealing and the weather still ideal. Flights are likely to be more expensive during high seasons, and it’s more romantic to honeymoon during less crowded times of the year.


Use Credit Card Points to the Maximum

Obtaining the best credit card for your needs requires some advance planning well before expenses related to the wedding are incurred. Use the credit card to pay for as many wedding purchases as possible, as well as for regular purchases to rack up those points. Even if you don’t accumulate enough points to pay for airfare to a honeymoon destination like Hawaii, you could still use them to upgrade from coach to first class. Be careful though to pay off the card in full each month or you will end up paying interest rate charges that will defeat the objective of saving money on your honeymoon.


Consider Alternative Accommodations

Many beautiful vacation properties can be rented directly from their owners at significantly lower rates than those charged by hotels. Look for rentals that have fully-equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, maid service, and free parking. Cooking a few meals yourselves will save a considerable amount of money.



Don’t settle for less than your heart’s desire when it comes to your honeymoon. Romance at a lovable price is possible with a little forethought and planning.