Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower with These Tips

Are you organizing a bridal shower and feeling a bit overwhelmed? The first piece of advice is to relax so that you will actually enjoy setting up a unique event. The following is a guide to pulling off a stress-free, memorable and fun-filled party.


Involve Others

Even though you have volunteered to plan the bridal shower, you don’t have to handle everything by yourself. Form a group and work together as a team to plan the event and also to share the cost. Bridal shower guests should never be asked to pay for anything related to the bridal shower party.


Set a Date and Make a List of Invitees

Usually, bridal showers take place one to three months before the big day. Don’t try to make it a surprise event because if the date is inconvenient for the bride, then the party’s off!  Also, you will need to talk to the bride about who should be invited.


Decide on the Time of Day

The kind of bridal shower you choose will largely depend on what time of day you pick for the event – will the party will be in the form of a brunch, a tea, cocktails, or a sit-down dinner? Generally, bridal showers last from three to four hours.


Choose a Theme

Although a theme is not necessary, having one will make the event more interesting. Build a theme from the interests of the bride – is she musical, into the latest fashions, is she a “foodie” or a literary nut? Group activities, such as a cooking class, or a wine course from a sommelier, are becoming more and more popular. Another option in vogue is the “round-the-clock” shower, where each guest is asked to select a gift for a specified time of day – for instance, a coffeepot for seven a.m. or a duvet for midnight.


Snail Mail the Invitations

It’s traditional and more personal to send bridal shower invitations by mail. Send them out no later than one month before the celebration. However, you can use emails to send a save-the-date message. The invitation should include details of the bridal gift registry to make it as easy as possible for a guest to shop for a gift.



It has become an accepted practice to give each guest a party favor, especially when a bridal shower has a theme or activity that the favor can reflect. For instance, guests at a garden party brunch could receive a miniature potted herb.


The Grand Finale

The traditional finale of a bridal shower is when the fiancé arrives with a big bouquet of flowers. The fiancé’s appearance should be timed for just after the bride has opened her gifts. This custom allows unacquainted guests to meet the lucky guy and makes a memorable photo opportunity for the couple.


Keep a Record of the Gifts

To make it easy for the bride to send thank-you notes, assign someone to write down the name of the guest and the guest’s associated gift when the gift is opened.


The Perfect Location

The chosen site for your bridal shower will depend on the type of party you decide to throw. Ko’olau Ballrooms is the perfect location for your bridal shower whether you are planning an informal get-together with a few family members and close friends, a more lavish soiree, or anything in between. Contact us and let our planning staff help you create the perfect event.