Class Reunions

Organizing a class reunion is a tough job for even the brightest alumni. There’s plenty of stress involved in attending a class reunion let alone coordinating one. So do the smart thing, contact Ko’olau Ballrooms before you start rounding up former classmates. We’ll work with you to decide on the perfect facility, figure out the proper menu, and choose the entertainment. Then you can concentrate on much more important matters like, what ever happened to the homecoming queen? Quarterback? Science geek? Your high-school sweetheart? Let Ko’olau Ballrooms be your intelligent resource for all types of class reunions, including:

High School Reunions

Sure, this event happens on a regular basis – but you want this one to be truly memorable. “Retro” reunions are one way to go. You and your classmates can relive the glory days of your youth by dressing in styles that were popular when you graduated. Get a band or DJ to play the tunes you listened to way-back-when. Or plan your reunion around a big event at your alma mater – such as homecoming or a football game against a big rival – and relive long-forgotten feelings. Regardless of your particular plans, the expert staff of Ko’olau Ballrooms will help ensure the party goes off in unforgettable style.

College Reunions

College reunions are entirely different story – often with strict budgets enforced by alumni groups and restrictions set by the university. How do you shine through with a celebration as wild ‘n’ crazy as your senior year? Leave it to Ko’olau Ballrooms to create the perfect atmosphere for reminiscing about all of the boring lectures you skipped.

Private / Boarding School Reunions

Just because you attend a private school doesn’t mean you should miss out. In fact, this class reunion type is often the grandest of all with festivities frequently spanning an entire weekend and a guest list that includes an alumni, current students, past and present faculty, and families for all of the above. Contact Ko’olau Ballrooms today to find the facility closest to your former school. We’ll make sure your reunion is unmistakably Grade A.

Menus & Price Lists

Everything turned out perfect. Thanks to the staff for making our wedding so “magical and memorable”. I always pictured a magical wedding and it came true. Ko’olau is truly a gem. Thanks again!

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