Organizing all of the details for your wedding can be an exhilarating experience, especially when the result is an event that beautifully reflects your style and preferences. From the catering to the floral arrangements to the photography, every aspect of the day is important. If you’ve chosen a lovely venue on the gorgeous island of Oahu, you can expect this special occasion to be amazing.

One of the top details to consider for your reception is the music. Whether you hire a DJ or a live band, you will probably have at least a few romantic songs in mind for your wedding. Once you arrange to have those songs played or sung, you’ll still need to arrange for a playlist of others so knowing some of the hottest wedding songs for 2016 could prove to be useful. The following songs are certainly worth including on your list.


Adele’s “One & Only” or “Crazy for You”

Both of these pieces may be ideal for your special day. The lyrics to “Crazy for You” could be matched well to any couple that has experienced a whirlwind romance. “One & Only” is wistful and sweet. The melodies to both songs are as memorable as anything that you might expect from this talented performer.


Ed Sheeran’s “Kiss Me” or “Thinking Out Loud”

Ed Sheeran also has made a few songs worthy of putting on your wedding playlist. “Thinking Out Loud” conjures the image of two people growing old together making it an ideal choice for a wedding reception. “Kiss Me” illustrates the various aspects of falling in love. Either song could make a wonderful option for your wedding day.


Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man”

“Die a Happy Man” is an incredibly romantic piece. The lyrics address the true spirit of love. Instead of requiring fancy cars and vacations to exotic places to be happy, the narrator of this story is content just to be with the person he loves. The tune is also very dance-able, so it may be ideal for the reception for your wedding.


Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”

Sam Smith’s soulful style is absolutely present in “Lay Me Down”. The music will move you and your guests, and the lyrics are inspiring. They describe the unparalleled feeling of comfort and joy that only true love can create. While the words are sad and nostalgic at certain points, they are also poignant and beautiful.


Ellie Goulding’s “Your Song”

This might be the best one with which to start off the reception. “Your Song” is a cover of an original by Elton John. This has always been a gorgeously romantic piece of music, and it’s especially nice when sung with Ellie Goulding’s sweet voice. The message is simple and timeless, and it may set exactly the right tone for your event.


Choosing the right wedding songs for your day should be a fun and gratifying experience. This phase of the planning for your special occasion can give you a chance to truly express your love for each other as a couple. Your 2016 wedding should be remembered for all of its exquisite details – including the meaningful music played at your ceremony and reception.